Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for AceMovi Video Editor - Windows &Mac

List of Keyboard Shortcut Guide for AceMovi Video Editor


Module Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
File New Project Ctrl+N ⌘+N
File Open Project Ctrl+O ⌘+O
File Preferences Ctrl+Shift+, ⌘+,
File Save Project Ctrl+S ⌘+S
File Save Project As… Ctrl+Shift+S ⌘+⇧(Shift)+S
File Exit Ctrl+F4 ⌘+Q
Edit Undo Ctrl+Z ⌘+Z
Edit Redo Ctrl+Y ⌘+⇧(Shift)+Z
Edit Cut Ctrl+X ⌘+X
Edit Copy Ctrl+C ⌘+C
Edit Paste Ctrl+V ⌘+V
Edit Delete Delete (Backspace) Delete
Edit Ripple Delete Shift+Delete ⇧(Shift)+Delete
Edit Split Ctrl+B ⌘+B
Edit Select All Ctrl+A ⌘+A
View Play/Pause Space Space
View Stop Ctrl+/ ⌘+/
View Full Screen/Restore Alt+Enter ^+⌘+F
View Previous Frame Left Left
View Next Frame Right Right
View Zoom In Ctrl+= ⌘+=
View Zoom Out Ctrl+- ⌘+-
Miscellaneous Help F1

* Note: 1. ⌘ refers to cmd on Mac computer; 2. ⇧ refers to Shift on Mac computer; 3. ^ refers to Ctrl on Mac computer.

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