Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts for Vimeo & Dailymotion

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Vimeo & Dailymotion


Available shortcuts
? (Shift + /) Pull up the keyboard shortcuts menu
Volume up
Volume Down
Scrub Forward
Scrub Backwards
L Like
S Share
W Watch Later
C Toggle Captions
H Toggle Player Preferences Menu
F Toggle Fullscreen
D Debug Panel for technical issues


Keyboard shortcuts Function
Space Play/Pause
Arrow up Increase volume
Arrow down Decrease volume
M Mute sound
F Enter fullscreen
Escape Exit fullscreen
Right Arrow Skip forward 5s
Left Arrow Skip back 5s
Shift + Right Arrow Skip forward 10s
Shift + Left Arrow Skip back 10s
0 – 9 Skip to 0% – 90% of the video
? Open the shortcuts information

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