Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Far Cry 6

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Far Cry 6


1. On-Foot Controls

Key Function
W Move Forward
A Move Left
S Move Backward
D Move Right
Mouse ✥ Camera
Shift ⇧ Sprint/Hold breath (Aiming)/Open Wingsuit (Falling)
A / D Strafe
F Melee/Takedown/Drop body
Mouse Scroll ↕ Zoom (Aiming)
Right Click Aim/Peek
Left Click Shoot/Blind fire
Q Weapon wheel
Click Scroll Use Gadget
V Supremo
Scroll Wheel ↕ Last Weapon
Z Heal
Left Ctrl Crouch/Slide
Space Open parachute (falling)/Jump/Vault
R Reload
E Interact
G Summon/Direct amigos
X Phone camera
B Photos
6 1st Gadget in the weapon wheel
7 2nd Gadget in the weapon wheel
8 3rd Gadget in the weapon wheel
9 4th Gadget in the weapon wheel
K Change fire mode in the weapon wheel
↹ Tab / M Map
U / F1 Arsenal
J Journal

2. Vehicle Controls

Key Function
W Accelerate/Pitch down (in the air)
A Steer left
S Brake
D Steer right
Shift ⇧ Autodrive
Mouse ✥ Look
4 Horn
X Use vehicle weapon
V Use Countermeasure
F4 Show/Hide controls
. Cycle radio station
/ Stereo On/Off
Left Ctrl Change seat

3. Horse Controls

Key Function
W Walk/Steer forward
A Walk/Steer left
S Walk/Steer backward
D Walk/Steer right
Shift ⇧ Gallop
Mouse ✥ Look
F4 Show horse controls
Space Autodrive
Left Ctrl Quick turn

4. Helicopter Controls

Key Function
W Move/Strafe forward
A Move/Strafe left
S Move/Strafe backwards
D Move/Strafe right
Shift ⇧ Shoot machine gun (Buzzer)/Rockets
Mouse ✥ Pitch/Yaw
F4 Show/Hide controls
Space Throttle up/Ascend
Left Ctrl Throttle down/Descend
V Flare
/ Stereo On/Off (Buzzer)
Scroll Wheel ↕ Cycle vehicle weapons

5. Plane Controls

Key Function
W Pitch/Roll forward
A Pitch/Roll left
S Pitch/Roll backwards
D Pitch/Roll right
Mouse ✥ Yaw Left/Right
Shift ⇧ Bomber view
X Shoot rockets
Left Ctrl Throttle down/Landing stabilizer
Space Throttle up
F4 Show/Hide controls

6. Angelito Controls

Key Function
W Accelerate
A Steer left
S Brake
D Steer right
Space Throttle up (Flight mode)
Left Ctrl Throttle down (Flight mode)
Mouse ✥ Pitch/Roll/Yaw (Flight mode)
Shift ⇧ Autodrive
4 Horn
X Shoot Angelito weapon
Q Activate / Deactivate flight mode
F4 Show / Hide controls

7. Map Controls

Key Function
Space Center map
C Zoom in
Z Zoom out
T Track mission
F Fast travel
G Airdrop
Right Click Place waypoint

8. Cockfighting Controls

Key Function
W Move up
A Move left
S Move down
D Move right
L Rooster rush
J Claw leap
K Beak strike
Space Jump
Left Ctrl Gallo super

9. Dominoes Controls

Key Function
A /  Select domino left
D /  Select domino right
Mouse ✥ Look around
Q / Left click Place domino into the main position
E / Right click Place domino into a secondary position
Space Scroll click Skip turn

10. Photo Mode Controls

Key Function
W Move camera forward
A Move camera left
S Move camera backwards
D Move camera right

11. Menu Controls

Key Function
Mouse ✥ Move cursor
Page ↑↓ Scroll list up/down
Q Switch tab left
E Switch tab right
L Menu narration
Shift ⇧ Compare
W /  Jump cursor up
A /  Jump cursor left
S /  Jump cursor down
D /  Jump cursor right
F / Right click Inspect item/Store purchase
Space / Enter ↵ Confirm/Accept
Delete Delete character/Reset control
R Dismantle item/Deliver vehicle/Discard character
Left Ctrl Revert settings / Hide menu
Left Click Select / Apply / Purchase / Equip
Esc / Backspace ⌫ System menu/Back/Exit/Cancel

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