Ultimate Guide of Keyboard Shortcuts for Shopify (Windows)

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Shopify


General Shortcuts
Keyboard help ?
Focus search bar S
Focus filter bar F
Log out B+Y+E
Your profile M+E
Open the store switcher O+S
Adding Items
Add product A+P
Add collection A+C
Add discount A+D
Add order A+O
Add customer A+U
Add blog post A+B
Add blog A+L
Add page A+G
Navigating Admin Panel
Go to home G+H
Go to products G+P+P
Go to analytics G+N
Go to discounts G+D
Go to apps G+A
Go to abandoned checkouts G+B+C
Go to products, inventory G+P+I
Go to products, gift cards G+P+G
Go to the online store, blog posts G+W+B
Go to the online store, themes G+W+T
Go to the online store, domains G+W+D
Go to settings, locations G+T+L
Go to settings, payments G+S+P
Go to settings, shipping G+S+S
Go to settings, notifications G+S+N
Go to settings, files G+S+F
Go to settings, online store G+S+W
Go to settings, sales channels G+S+L
Go to orders G+O
Go to customers G+C
Go to marketing G+M
Go to sales channels G+L
Go to settings G+S
Go to products, transfers G+P+T
Go to products, collections G+P+C
Go to the online store, overview G+W+O
Go to the online store, pages G+W+P
Go to line store, navigation G+W+N
Go to point of sale, overview G+T+O
Go to settings, general G+S+G
Go to settings, checkout G+S+C
Go to settings, taxes G+S+X
Go to settings, gift cards G+S+I
Go to settings, account G+S+A
Go to settings, point of sale G+S+T
Go to settings, billing G+S+B

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