Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Shotcut - Windows/Linux/macOS

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Shotcut


Main Menu

Action Windows/Linux macOS
File > New Ctrl+N command+N
File > Open Ctrl+O command+O
File > Open Other Ctrl+Shift+O shift+command+O
File > Save Ctrl+S command+S
File > Save As Ctrl+Shift+S shift+command+S
File > Export Video Ctrl+E command+E
File > Export Frame Ctrl+Shift+E shift+command+E
File > Close Ctrl+W command+W
File > Quit Ctrl+Q command+Q
Edit > Undo Ctrl+Z command+Z
Edit > Redo Ctrl+Y / Ctrl+Shift+Z shift+command+Z
View > Fullscreen F11 / Ctrl+Shift+F control+command+F / F11
View > Layout > Logging Alt+1 option+1
View > Layout > Editing Alt+2 option+2
View > Layout > FX Alt+3 option+3
View > Layout > Color Alt+4 option+4
View > Layout > Audio Alt+5 option+5
View > Layout > Player Alt+6 option+6
View > Audio Peak Meter Ctrl+1 command+1
View > Properties Ctrl+2 command+2
View > Recent Ctrl+3 command+3
View > Notes Ctrl+Shift+3 shift+command+3
View > Playlist Ctrl+4 command+4
View > Timeline Ctrl+5 command+5
View > Filters Ctrl+6 command+6
View > Markers Ctrl+Shift+6 shift+command+6
View > Keyframes Ctrl+7 command+7
View > History Ctrl+8 command+8
View > Export Ctrl+9 command+9
View > Jobs Ctrl+0 command+0
Help > Keyboard Shortcuts ? ?
Help > Topic F1 F1
Rename clip (Properties) F2 F2
Find (Recent) F3 F3
Settings > Proxy > Use Proxy F4 F4
Reload F5 F5
Settings > Preview Scaling > None F6 F6
Settings > Preview Scaling > 360p F7 F7
Settings > Preview Scaling > 540p F8 F8
Settings > Preview Scaling > 720p F9 F9


Action Windows/Linux macOS
Play L or Space L or space
Pause K or Space K or space
Rewind J J
Fast Forward L L
Set In I I
Set Out O O
Next Frame Right or K+L right or K+L
Previous Frame Left or K+J left or K+J
Forward One Second Page Down page down
Backward One Second Page Up page up
Forward Two Seconds Shift+Page Down shift+page down
Backward Two Second Shift+Page Up shift+page up
Forward 5 Seconds Ctrl+Page Down command+page down
Backward 5 Seconds Ctrl+Page Up command+Page up
Forward 10 Seconds Ctrl+Shift+Page Down shift+command+page down
Backward 10 Seconds Ctrl+Shift+Page Up shift+command+page up
Seek Start Home home
Seek End End end
Seek Next Edit Alt+Right option+right
Seek Previous Edit Alt+Left option+left
Switch Source/Program Esc ESC
Grab Focus Shift+Esc shift+esc
Enter Timecode Ctrl+T cmd+T


Action Windows/Linux macOS
Cut Ctrl+X command+X
Copy Ctrl+C or C command+C or C
Paste Ctrl+V command+V
Add Audio Track Ctrl+U command+U
Add Video Track Ctrl+I command+I
Close Ctrl+W command+W
Append A A
Ripple Delete X or Shift+Del or Shift+Backspace X or shift+delete
Lift Z or Del or Backspace Z or delete
Insert V V
Overwrite B B
Replace R R
Split S S
Trim clip in I I
Ripple trim clip in Shift+I shift+I
Trim clip out O O
Ripple trim clip out Shift+O shift+O
Add/Edit marker at cursor M M
Add/Edit marker around selected clips Alt+M option+M
Delete Marker Ctrl+Shift+M shift+control+M
Seek to the previous marker < <
Seek to next marker > >
Select Track Below Down down
Select Track Above Up up
Zoom In = =
Zoom Out
Zoom Fit 0 0
Make Tracks Shorter Ctrl+- command+-
Make Tracks Taller Ctrl+= command+=
Reload F5 F5
Select clip single left-click mouse single-click mouse
Select and seek clip double left-click mouse double-click mouse
Select under playhead Ctrl+Space command+space
Select All Ctrl+A command+A
Select all on the current track Ctrl+Alt+A option+command+A
Select None Ctrl+D command+D
Move selection left Ctrl+Left command+left
Move selection right Ctrl+Right command+right
Move selection up Ctrl+Up command+up
Move selection down Ctrl+Down command+down
Seek start of selected double-click double-click
Toggle Mute track Ctrl+M control+M
Toggle Hide track Ctrl+H control+H
Toggle Lock track Ctrl+L control+L
Toggle Snapping Ctrl+P command+P
Toggle Ripple mode Ctrl+R command+R
Toggle Ripple All Tracks Ctrl+Alt+R option+command+R
Toggle Ripple mode and all tracks Ctrl+Shift+R shift+command+R
Toggle Ripple markers Alt+R option+R
Toggle Ripple markers, mode, and all tracks Alt+Shift+R shift+option+R
Insert Track Ctrl+Alt+I option+command+I
Remove Track Ctrl+Alt+U option+command+U
Copy Timeline to Source Ctrl+Alt+C option+command+C
Center the Playhead Ctrl+Shift+P shift+command+P
Scroll to Playhead on Zoom Ctrl+Alt+P option+command+P
Move Track Up Alt+Shift+Up shift+option+up
Move Track Down Alt+Shift+Down shift+option+down


Action Windows/Linux macOS
Append Shift+A shift+A
Copy Shift+C shift+C
Delete Shift+X shift+X
Insert Shift+V shift+V
Update Shift+B shift+B
Move Up Ctrl+Shift+Up shift+command+up
Move Down Ctrl+Shift+Down shift+command+down
Open Next Alt+Down option+down
Open Previous Alt+Up option+up
Select All Ctrl+Shift+A shift+command+A
Select Item N 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Selection None Ctrl+Shift+D shift+command+D
Open Selected Ctrl+Enter or double-click command+return or double-click
Goto/Seek Shift+Enter or Shift+double-click shift+return or shift+double-click


Action Windows/Linux macOS
Choose a Filter F F
Select Previous Filter Up up
Select Next Filter Down down
Add Selected Filter Enter return
Remove Filter Shift+F shift+F


Action Windows/Linux macOS
Zoom In Alt+= option+=
Zoom Out Alt+- option+-
Reset Zoom Alt+0 option+0
Set Filter Start [ [
Set Filter End ] ]
Set First Simple Keyframe { {
Set Second Simple Keyframe } }
Seek Previous Simple Keyframe Alt+[ option+[
Seek Next Simple Keyframe Alt+] option+]
Toggle Keyframe at playhead ; ;

Rich Text Editor

Action Windows/Linux macOS
Undo Ctrl+Z command+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y/Ctrl+Shift+Z shift+command+Z
Cut Ctrl+X command+X
Copy Ctrl+C command+C
Paste Ctrl+V command+V
Paste Text Only Ctrl+Shift+V shift+command+V
Select All Ctrl+A command+A
Move the cursor to the right Right right
Move the cursor to the left Left left
Move the cursor to the previous line Up up
Move the cursor to the next line Down down
Move the cursor to the next word Ctrl+Left option+left
Move the cursor to the previous word Ctrl+Right option+right
Move the cursor to the start of the line Home command+home or command+left
Move the cursor to the end of the line End command+end or command+right
Move the cursor to start Ctrl+Home home or command+up
Move the cursor to the end Ctrl+End end or command+down
Select Shift shift

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