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Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for UC Browser

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Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for UC Browser

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for UC Browser



F6 or Alt + D or Ctrl + L: Return to the address bar
F5 or Ctrl + R: Reload the page
Shift + F5: Reload all the pages
Shift + ESC: Stop loading all pages
Ctrl + F5: Refresh the cache and page
Alt + Left key: Back to the previous page
Alt + Right key: Proceed to the next page
Alt + HOME: Go to the homepage
Alt + Z or Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopen the recently closed tab


Ctrl + T: Start a new tab
Ctrl + M or Ctrl + N: Start a new window
Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4: Close the tab you’re viewing
Ctrl + Shift + W: Close all other tabs
Ctrl + Tab: Switch to the right tab
Ctrl + Shift +Tab: switch to the left tab
Ctrl + Number button (1,2,3, …): Switch to any tab corresponding to the number button


Alt + M: Mute the web page
F11: Turn on / off full-screen mode
Ctrl + H: See browsing history
Ctrl + J: See download history
Ctrl + Middle mouse wheel: Zoom in on the page small
Ctrl + 0: Change website scale
Ctrl + =: Zoom in on the web
Ctrl + -: Zoom out on the web page
Ctrl + D: Add the currently browsing page to the bookmarks bar
Ctrl + Shift + D: Add all currently viewed pages to the bookmarks bar
Ctrl + B: Open / hide bookmarks bar
Ctrl + S: Save the page
Ctrl + Shift + S: Save page as image
Ctrl + F: Search
Ctrl + O: Open the file
Ctrl + P: Print the page
F1: Open the help page
ALT + F4: Exit the browser

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