Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for VLC Media Player - Windows

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player


Shortcut Action
Space Play/pause
S Stop
+ Faster
] Faster (fine)
[ Slower (fine)
= Normal rate
Shift + Left arrow Back 3 seconds
Shift + Right arrow Forward 3 seconds
Alt + Left arrow Back 10 seconds
Alt + Right arrow Forward 10 seconds
Control + Left arrow Back 1 minute
Control + Right arrow Forward 1 minute
Control + Alt + Left arrow Back 5 minutes
Control + Alt + Right arrow Forward 5 minutes
N Next track
P Previous track
T Position/time
L Normal/loop/repeat
E Next frame
Shift + M Disc menu
Shift + O Previous title
Shift + B Next title
Shift + P Previous chapter
Shift + N Next chapter
Ctrl + Q Quit
J Decrease audio delay
B Cycle audio track
Shift + A Cycle audio device
Ctrl + Up arrow Increase volume
Ctrl + Down arrow Decrease volume
M Mute
I Show controller in fullscreen
Z Zoom
Shift + Z Reset zoom
F Toggle fullscreen
Escape Leave fullscreen/close dialogue
Page Up Shrink the viewpoint
Page Down Expand the viewpoint
Alt + 1 1:4 quarter crop
Alt + 2 1:2 half crop
Alt + 3 1:1 original crop
Alt + 4 2:1 double crop
A Cycle aspect ratio
C Cycle cropping ratio
O Toggle autoscaling
Alt + O Increase scale factor
Alt + Shift + O Decrease scale factor
D Toggle deinterlacing
Shift + D Cycle deinterlace modes
Ctrl + F1 – F10 Set playlist bookmark 1 – 10
F1 – F10 Play playlist bookmark 1 – 10
Ctrl + W Clear the playlist
Ctrl + Y Save playlist
Ctrl + 0 Reset subtitles scale
Ctrl + Mouse wheel up Scale down subtitles text
Ctrl + Mouse wheel down Scale up subtitles text
H Increase subtitle delay
G Decrease subtitle delay
Shift + H Sync subtitles
Alt + V Cycle subtitle track in reverse order
V Cycle subtitle track
Shift + V Toggle subtitles
Menu and Settings
Ctrl + B Bookmarks
Ctrl + C Open capture device
Ctrl + D Open disc
Ctrl + E Extended settings
Ctrl + F Open folder
Ctrl + H Hide/show menus
Ctrl + I Media information
Ctrl + J Codecs information
Ctrl + L Hide/show playlist
Ctrl + M Messages
Ctrl + N Open network stream
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + P Preferences
Ctrl + R Convert/save
Ctrl + S Streaming
Ctrl + T Go to time
Ctrl + V Paste location/MRL
Ctrl + Shift + W VLM configurator
Alt + A Audio menu
Alt + H Help menu
Alt + I View menu
Alt + L Playback menu
Alt + M Media menu
Alt + S Tools menu
Alt + T Subtitle menu
Shift + S Snapshot
Shift + R Record
R Random
Enter Select menu entry (DVD)
Arrow keys Navigate menus (DVD)

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