Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts Guide of Audacity: Audio Editor

Keyboard Shortcuts of Audacity

1. File Menu

Ctrl+N New
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+W Close
Ctrl+V Save
Ctrl+Shift+I Import audio
Ctrl+Shift+E Export audio
Ctrl+Shift+L Export multiple
Ctrl+Q Exit
2. Edit Menu
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+K Delete
Ctrl+Alt+X Remove special> Split cut
Ctrl+Alt+K Remove special> Split delete
Ctrl+L Remove special> Silence audio
Ctrl+T Remove special> Time audio
Ctrl+I Clip Boundaries > Split
Ctrl+Alt+I Clip Boundaries > Split New
Ctrl+J Clip Boundaries > Join
Ctrl+Alt+J Clip boundaries > detach at the silence
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Alt+V Paste text as a new label
Ctrl+D Duplicate
Alt+X Labelled audio > cut
Alt+K Labelled audio > Delete
Shift+Alt+X Labelled audio >split cut
Shift+Alt+K Labelled audio >split delete
Alt+L` Labelled audio >silence audio
Shift+Alt+C Labelled audio >copy
Alt+I Labelled audio >split
Alt+J Labelled audio >join
Ctrl+Alt+A Labelled audio >detach at silences
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+SHift+A Select none
Q Select > Spectral > Toggle Spectral Selection
[ Select > Left at Playback Position
] Select > right at Playback Position
Shift+J Select > Track Start to Cursor
Shift+K Select > Cursor to Track End
Ctrl+Shift+K Select > In All Tracks
Ctrl+Shift+Y Select > In All Sync-Locked Tracks
Z FInd zero crossings
Left Move the cursor to selection start
Right Move the cursor to the selection end
J Move the cursor to track start
K Move the cursor to the end of the track
Tab Move to and open the next label
Ctrl+P Preferences
Shift+Tab Move to and open the previous label
Alt+Right Move to the previous label
Alt+Left Move to the next label
Shift+Home Selection to start
Shift+End Selection to end
Backspace Delete key
Delete Delete key 2
Shift+Left Selection extend left
Shift+Right Selection extend right
Ctrl+Shift+Left Selection contract left
Ctrl+Shift+Right Selection contract right
Left Cursor left
Right Cursor right
, Cursor Short Jump Left
. Cursor Short Jump right
Shift+, Cursor long Jump Left
Shift+. Cursor long Jump right


3. View Menu
Ctrl+1 Zoom in
Ctrl+2 Zoom normal
Ctrl+3 Zoom out
Ctrl+E Zoom to selection
Ctrl+F Fit in window
Ctrl+Shift+F Fit vertically
Ctrl+[ Go to selection start
Ctrl+] Go to selection end
Ctrl+Shift+C Collapse all tracks
Ctrl+Shift+X Expand collapsed tracks
F11 Fullscreen on/off


4. Transport Menu
Space Play/stop
X Play/stop and set the cursor
Shift+Space Loop play
P Pause
Home Skip to start
End Skip to end
R Record
Shift+T Timer record
Shift+R Append record
Alt+Right Move the cursor to the next label
Alt+Left Move the cursor to the previous label
1 Play one second
B Play to selection
C Play cut preview
Shift+F5 Play a short period before the selection starts
Shift+F6 Play a short period after the selection start
Shift+F7 Play a short period before the selection end
Shift+F8 Play a short period after the selection end
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Play a short period before and after selection start
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Play a short period before and after selection end
Left/, Short Seek Left during Playback
Right/. Short Seek right during Playback
Shift+Left Long Seek Left during Playback
Shift+Right Long Seek Right during Playback


5. Effect Menu
Ctrl+R Repeat the last effect


6. Analyse Menu
Ctrl+Shift+T Contrast


7. Device Toolbar
Shift+N Change Audio Host
Shift+O Change Playback Device
Shift+I Change Recording Device
Shift+N Change Recording Channels


8. Tools Toolbar
F1 Selection tool
F2 Envelope tool
F3 Draw tool
F4 Zoom tool
F5 Timeshift tool
F6 Multi-tool
D Next-tool
A Previous tool


9. Keyboard Focus
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Move backwards through the currently focused toolbar in the Upper Toolbar dock area
Ctrl+F6 Move forward through the currently focused toolbar in the Upper Toolbar dock area
Alt+Shift+F6 Move backwards through modeless windows
Alt+F6 Move forward through modeless windows


10. Audio Track Dropdown Menu
Shift+M Open menu on a focused track
Shift+U Mute/Unmute focused track
Shift+S Solo/Unsolo focused track
Shift+G Change gain on a focused track
Alt+Shift+Up Increase gain on a focused track
Alt+Shift+Down Decrease gain on a focused track
Alt+Shift+Left Pan left on a focused track
Alt+Shift+Right Pan right on a focused track
Shift+P Change pan on a focused track

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