Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Asana - Windows & Mac

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Asana


Inbox macOS Windows
Move Up/Down K / J K / J
Jump to the Inbox tab H H
Jump to the Archive tab S S
Follow or Unfollow F F
Archive I I
Move to Inbox U U


Task Actions macOS Windows
New Task
Delete Selected Task(s) Tab-BKSP Tab-BKSP
Delete current task (when task name is empty) BKSP BKSP
Complete Selected Task(s) ⌘↵ Ctrl-↵
Move Up/Down ⌘↑ / ⌘↓ Ctrl-↑ / Ctrl-↓
Jump Up/Down to the next Section ⌘⇧↑ / ⌘⇧↓ Ctrl-Shift-↑ / Ctrl-Shift-↓
Copy Selected Tasks ⌘C Ctrl-C
Paste Tasks (One per line) ⌘V Ctrl-V
Assign to Me Tab-M Tab-M
Access Home Tab-H Tab-H
Create a Section Tab-N Tab-N
Add to a project Tab-P Tab-P


Navigation macOS Windows
Navigate to My Tasks Tab-Z Tab-Z
Navigate to Inbox Tab-I Tab-I
Collapse Sidebar Tab-O Tab-O
Comment on Selected Task Tab-C Tab-C
Assign Selected Task Tab-A Tab-A
Set Due Date Tab-D Tab-D
Add Follower Tab-F Tab-F
Add a tag to the task Tab-T Tab-T
Focus Subtasks Tab-S Tab-S
Search for a project, tag, person, or task Tab-/ Tab-/


Selection macOS Windows
Change Selection  /   / 
Select Range ⇧-Click Shift-Click
Select Range ⇧↑⇧↓ Shift-↑Shift-↓
Multi-select Individual Task ⌘-Click Ctrl-Click


Application macOS Windows
Show Keyboard Shortcuts ⌘/ Ctrl-/
Collapse the right pane ESC ESC
Enter Focus Mode Tab-X Tab-X
Quick Add Tab-Q Tab-Q
Post Comment (From comment field) Tab-↵ Tab-↵
What it sounds like Tab-B Tab-B

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