Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut for Amazon Chime

Action macOS Windows iOS
(with an external keyboard)
Search ⌘ F ctrl F
View all rooms (hidden on mobile) ⌘ O ctrl O ⌘ O
Create conversation ⌘ T ctrl T OR ctrl E
Cancel create conversation, cancel meeting feedback ESC ESC tap away from the dialog
New or create room shift ⌘ R ctrl R
View contacts ⌘ L ctrl L
New or invite contacts shift ⌘ N ctrl N
Close active tab in sidebar ⌘ W ctrl W
Next (Room or conversation in the sidebar) option ⌘ down ctrl shift up OR ctrl shift tab ⌘ down
Previous (Room or conversation in the sidebar) option ⌘ up ctrl shift down OR ctrl tab ⌘ up
Switch tab left shift ⌘ left
Switch tab right shift ⌘ right
Go Home ⌘ 1 ctrl 1
Upload a file ⌘ U ctrl U shift ⌘ A
Chat or room settings shift ⌘ H ctrl shift H
Call (chat header) shift ⌘ K ctrl shift K ⌘ K
Join a meeting shift ⌘ J ctrl shift J ⌘ J
Start an instant meeting shift ⌘ M ctrl shift M ⌘ M
Schedule a meeting shift ⌘ S ctrl shift S
Zoom in or enlarge text size ⌘ + ctrl +
Zoom out or reduce text size ⌘ – ctrl –
Actual size ⌘ 0 (zero) ctrl 0 (zero)
Enter full screen ctrl ⌘ F
Mute or unmute mic ⌘ Y ctrl Y
On or off video option ⌘ V ctrl alt V
Share my screen option ⌘ S ctrl alt S
More (additional actions) option ⌘ O ctrl alt O
End or leave meeting option ⌘ E ctrl alt E ⌘ E
Meeting info option ⌘ I ctrl alt I
Show/Hide meeting sidebar ⌘ . (period) ctrl . (period)
Choose contacts to add to To: return OR tab return OR tab
Move from To: to message entry tab return OR tab
Send chat message (from message entry) return or enter return return
Chat line break shift return shift return shift return

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