Ultimate Guide of Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Drive

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Drive

Windows – Chrome OS – Mac


Navigation and views
Go to the navigation panel (folders list) g then n
g then f
Go to items view g then l
Switch between grid and list in items view v
Go to the details pane g then d
Go to the top of the application (Google bar) g then t
Go to download status g then a
Go to upload status g then u
Show or hide details pane d
Show or hide activity pane i
Select items
Select or deselect an item x
Select the next item down j
Down arrow
Select the next item up k
Up arrow
Select the next item to the left h
Left arrow
Select the next item to the right l
Right arrow
Extend selection down Shift + Down arrow
Extend selection up Shift + Up arrow
Extend selection left Shift + Left arrow
Extend selection right Shift + Right arrow
Select all visible items Shift + a
Clear all selections Shift + n
Move between items
Move down without changing the selection Ctrl + Down arrow (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Down arrow (Mac)
Move up without changing the selection Ctrl + Up arrow (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Up arrow (Mac)
Move left without changing the selection Ctrl + Left arrow (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Left arrow (Mac)
Move right without changing the selection Ctrl + Right arrow (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Right arrow (Mac)
Take action on selected items
Open selected item Enter
Rename selected item n
Share selected items . (dot)
Move selected items to the new folder z
Star or unstar selected items s
Create shortcuts to selected items Shift + z
Remove selected items # or Alt + Backspace (Chrome OS)
# or Delete (Windows)
# or Fn + Delete (Mac)
Undo the last action Ctrl + z (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + z (Mac)
Redo the last undone action Ctrl + Shift + z (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Shift + z (Mac)
Create new items
Document Shift + t
Presentation Shift + p
Spreadsheet Shift + s
Drawing Shift + d
Folder Shift + f
Form Shift + o
Open menus
Create menu c
More actions menu a
Current folder actions menu f
Sort menu r
Settings menu t
Application actions
Display keyboard shortcuts list Shift + /
Ctrl + / (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + / (Mac)
Choose the next visual density
(row height and element spacing for list view)
q then q
Find/find next Ctrl + f (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + f (Mac)
Print Ctrl + p (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + p (Mac)
Show the last message m
Search your Drive /
Preview mode actions
Close Esc
Play/pause Space
Zoom in + or =
Zoom out

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