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Ultimate Shortcut List of All Keyboard Symbols using the ALT Key

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Ultimate Shortcut List of All Keyboard Symbols using the ALT Key

Glyph Code Glyph Code
Æ ALT+0198 æ ALT+0230
ß ALT+0223 ß ALT+225
Œ ALT+0140 œ ALT+0156
ʩ 02A9+ALT+X
ʣ 02A3+ALT+X ʥ 02A5+ALT+X
ʪ 02AA+ALT+X ʫ 02AB+ALT+X
ʦ 0246+ALT+X ʧ 02A7+ALT+X
Љ 0409+ALT+X Ю 042E+ALT+X
Њ 040A+ALT+X Ѿ 047E+ALT+x
Ы 042B+ALT+X Ѩ 0468+ALT+X
Ѭ 049C+ALT+X



Glyph Code Glyph Code
à ALT+0195 å ALT+0229
Å ALT+143 å ALT+134
Ä ALT+142 ä ALT+132
À ALT+0192 à ALT+133
Á ALT+0193 á ALT+160
 ALT+0194 â ALT+131
Ç ALT+128 ç ALT+135
Č 010C+ALT+X č 010D+ALT+X
É ALT+144 é ALT+130
È ALT+0200 è ALT+138
Ê ALT+202 ê ALT+136
Ë ALT+203 ë ALT+137
Ĕ 0114+ALT+X ĕ 0115+ALT+X
Ğ 011E+ALT+X ğ 011F+ALT+X
Ģ 0122+ALT+X ģ 0123+ALT+X
Ï ALT+0207 ï ALT+139
Î ALT+0206 î ALT+140
Í ALT+0205 í ALT+161
Ì ALT+0204 ì ALT+141
Ñ ALT+165 ñ ALT+164
Ö ALT+153 ö ALT+148
Ô ALT+212 ô ALT+147
Ō 014C+ALT+X ō 014D+ALT+X
Ò ALT+0210 ò ALT+149
Ó ALT+0211 ó ALT+162
Ø ALT+0216 ø 00F8+ALT+X
Ŝ 015C+ALT+X ŝ 015D+ALT+X
Ş 015E+ALT+X ş 015F+ALT+X
Ü ALT+154 ü ALT+129
Ū ALT+016A ū 016B+ALT+X
Û ALT+0219 û ALT+150
Ù ALT+0217 ù ALT+151
Ú 00DA+ALT+X ú ALT+163
Ÿ 0159+ALT+X ÿ



Glyph Code Glyph Code
Currency symbols
£ ALT+0163 ¥ ALT+0165
¢ ALT+0162 $ 0024+ALT+X
ALT+0128 ¤ ALT+0164
Legal symbols
© ALT+0169 ® ALT+0174
§ ALT+0167 ALT+0153
Mathematical symbols
° ALT+0176 º ALT+0186
221A+ALT+X + ALT+43
# ALT+35 µ ALT+0181
< ALT+60 > ALT+62
% ALT+37 ( ALT+40
[ ALT+91 ) ALT+41
] ALT+93 2206+ALT+X
¼ ALT+0188 ½ ALT+0189
¾ ALT+0190
Punctuation and dialectic symbols
? ALT+63 ¿ ALT+0191
! ALT+33 203+ALT+X
ALT+45 ALT+39
ALT+34 , ALT+44
. ALT+46 | ALT+124
/ ALT+47 ALT+92
` ALT+96 ^ ALT+94
« ALT+0171 » ALT+0187
« ALT+174 » ALT+175
~ ALT+126 & ALT+38
: ALT+58 { ALT+123
; ALT+59 } ALT+125
Form symbols


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