Keyboard Shortcuts of Adobe Prelude

New Project Ctrl+Alt+N (Win)Opt+Cmd+N (macOS)
Open Project Ctrl+Shift+O (Win), Shift+Cmd+O (macOS)
Close Project Ctrl+Shift+W (Win), Shift+Cmd+W (macOS)
Close Ctrl+W (Win), Cmd+W (macOS)
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S (Win), CMD+Shift+S (macOS)
Ingest Ctrl+I (Win), Cmd+I (macOS)
Export Project Ctrl+P (Win), Cmd+P (macOS)
Create Rough Cut Ctrl+N (Win), Cmd+N (macOS)
Exit Ctrl+Q (Win), Cmd+Q (macOS)
Undo Ctrl+Z (Win), Cmd+Z (macOS)
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z (Win), Shift+Cmd+Z (macOS)
Cut Ctrl+X (Win), Cmd+X (macOS)
Copy Ctrl+C (Win), Cmd+C (macOS)
Paste Ctrl+V (Win), Cmd+V (macOS)
Clear Delete (Win), Forward Delete (macOS)
Select All Ctrl+A (Win), Cmd+A (macOS)
Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A (Win), Shift+Cmd+A (macOS)
Set Marker In Point I (Use Alt+I or Opt+I when Heads Up Display is enabled during playback.)
Set Marker Out Point O (Use Alt+O or Opt+O when Heads Up Display is enabled during playback.)
Select Previous Marker Ctrl+Left Arrow (Win), Cmd+Left Arrow (macOS)
Select Next Marker Ctrl+Right Arrow (Win), Cmd+Right Arrow (macOS)
Select Previous Clip Ctrl+Up (Win), Cmd+Up (macOS)
Select Next Clip Ctrl+Down (Win), Cmd+Down (macOS)
Add Selected Markers Shift+= (Win), Cmd+= (macOS)
Add Subclip Marker 1 (Main keyboard)
Add Comment Marker 2 (Main keyboard)
Marker Inspector Shift+5 (Win), Cmd+5 (macOS)
Marker List Shift+6 (Win), Cmd+6 (macOS)
Marker Type Shift+4 (Win), Cmd+4 (macOS)
Metadata Shift+7 (Win), Cmd+7 (macOS)
Monitor Shift+2 (Win), Cmd+2 (macOS)
Project Shift+1 (Win), Cmd+1 (macOS)
Timeline Shift+3 (Win), Cmd+3 (macOS)
Adobe Prelude Help F1
Go To Selected Clip End Shift+End
Go To Selected Clip Start Shift+Home
Go To Time View End End (Win), End or Function+Right Arrow (macOS)
Go To Time View Start Home (Win), Home or Function+Left Arrow (macOS)
Maximize or Restore Frame ‘ (accent under tilde)
Play In-out Ctrl+Shift+Space (Win), Opt+K (macOS)
Play Stop Toggle Space
Select Find Box Shift+F
Select Next Panel Ctrl+Shift+. (period)
Select Previous Panel Ctrl+Shift+, (comma)
Shuttle Left J
Shuttle Right L
Shuttle Slow Left Shift+J
Shuttle Slow Right Shift+L
Shuttle Stop K
Step Back Left Arrow
Step Back many Frames – Units Shift+Left Arrow
Step Forward Right Arrow
Step Forward many Frames – Units Shift+Right Arrow
Workspace 1 Alt+Shift+1 (Win), Opt+Shift+1 (macOS)
Workspace 2 Alt+Shift+2 (Win), Opt+Shift+2 (macOS)
Workspace 3 Alt+Shift+3 (Win), Opt+Shift+3 (macOS)
Workspace 4 Alt+Shift+4 (Win), Opt+Shift+4 (macOS)
Workspace 5 Alt+Shift+5 (Win), Opt+Shift+5 (macOS)
Workspace 6 Alt+Shift+6 (Win), Opt+Shift+6 (macOS)
Workspace 7 Alt+Shift+7 (Win), Opt+Shift+7 (macOS)
Workspace 8 Alt+Shift+8 (Win), Opt+Shift+8 (macOS)
Workspace 9 Alt+Shift+9 (Win), Opt+Shift+9 (macOS)
Zoom In =
Zoom Out – (hyphen)
Zoom To Clip

Panel shortcuts

New Bin
Ctrl+B (Windows), Cmd+B (macOS)
History Panel Menu
Step Backward Left Arrow
Step Forward Right Arrow
Ingest Dialog
Check All Shift+V
Uncheck All Ctrl+Shift+V
Check Selected Item(s) V
Clear In Out Points C
Select Directory List Ctrl+Left Arrow (Win), Cmd+Left Arrow (macOS)
Select Media List Ctrl+Right Arrow (Win), Cmd+Right Arrow (macOS)
Set In Point I
Set Out Point O
Timeline Panel Menu
Ripple Delete Alt+Backspace (Win), Opt+Delete (macOS)
Show Next Screen Down Arrow
Show the Previous Screen Up

New shortcuts in Prelude

Trim In Point of Selected Clip to CTI Q
Trim Out Point of Selected Clip to CTI W
Insert Clip(s) at the previous edit point , (Comma)
Insert Clip(s) at the next edit point . (period)
Select clip at Playhead D
Move clips left [ (Left angle bracket)
Move clips right ] (Right angle bracket)

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