Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for PhotoDirector

List of Keyboard Shortcuts – PhotoDirector


1. Workspace

F3 Switch to thumbnail view
F4 Switch to list view
F6 Switch to viewer
F7 Switch to viewer only mode in the photo viewer window
F8 Switch to browser-only mode
Alt+2 Toggle compare mode on/off
Enter Set as current when comparing 2 photos
Alt+3 Toggle show multiple modes on/off
Alt+1 Toggle show one mode on/off
Ctrl+Alt+M Toggle mirror mode on/off
Ctrl+Alt+A Toggle alternative mode on/off
Ctrl+Alt+N Select to display nothing on the secondary monitor
F Toggle fullscreen
Alt+L Open Library module
Alt+A Open adjustment module
Alt+S Open slideshow module
F1 Open photo director help


2. FIle / Project features

Ctrl+I Import photos
Ctrl+N New project
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+E Export
Ctrl+P Print
Alt+C Open PhotoDirector preferences
Right arrow Go to the next photo
Left arrow Go to the previous photo


3. General

Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+D Deselect all
Delete Delete the photo
F2 Rename selected tag/album


4. Operational

Ctrl+R Reset adjustments to default settings
Ctrl+[ Rotate photo left 90 degrees
Ctrl+] Rotate photo right 90 degrees
S Turn flag on/off
X Turn rejection on/off
U Clear all flags
0 Remove rating
1 Set selected photo rating as 1
2 Set selected photo rating as 2
3 Set selected photo rating as 3
4 Set selected photo rating as 4
5 Set selected photo rating as 5
Ctrl+0 Remove label
Ctrl+1 Set label as red
Ctrl+2 Set label as blue
Ctrl+3 Set label as green
Ctrl+4 Set label as yellow
Ctrl+5 Set label as purple
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy adjustment setting
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste copied adjustments
Ctrl+ Create virtual photo
Esc Cancel regional adjustment
J Show/hide


5. Zoom

Spacebar Zoom to fit
Ctrl+MOuse wheel Zoom in/out on the photo viewer window


6. Tone setting

Alt+T Apply auto tone
ALt+W Apply auto white balance

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