How AI works in Gaming, Sports and Gambling

Uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Gaming, Sports and Gambling


  • Forecasting customer lifetime value (CLV): Mobile game developers must bid higher in advertising to attract players because the supply of games is growing faster than the demand. This causes mobile game businesses to have substantial analytics operations. Accurate CLV estimation enables businesses to make more effective bids by concentrating on high-spending customers and excluding non-active users.
  • Demand and Sales forecasting: Most firms nowadays employ AI applications for this routine task. To increase its profits, the gaming business uses projections powered by AI.
  • Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality: Animation professionals can design characters for virtual reality (VR) games and movies by utilising artificial intelligence (AR). Games in the past had artificial intelligence (AI) adversaries that competed against human players according to predetermined rules. In order to make machine opponents more interesting and challenging to overcome, increasingly advanced AI and ML techniques are now being deployed.

  • Entertainment: Professional competitions are becoming increasingly well-known, and the esports sector is expanding. In reality, research confirms our claim that esports tournament opening ceremonies garner more interest than Olympic games. YouTube viewers for the 2016 Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony totalled 4.4 million, compared to 9.5 million for the 2017 League of Legends (LoL) Worlds Opening Ceremony. The usage of AR technology is another factor contributing to this enthusiasm. You can see how Riot Games, a video game business, moved a massive dragon into a Chinese stadium with a 91,000-person capacity by watching the video below.


Sports & Gambling
  • Fraud detection: For online gambling websites, machine learning can be used to spot fraudulent behaviours like account takeover, account farming, money laundering, and synthetic identity theft. For instance, SEON, a vendor, uses AI to guarantee that only trustworthy gamers are using their platform.
  • CLV prediction: Casino managers frequently use incentives for high rollers and loyal customers. Betting moved online, just like every other sector. In 2024, it is anticipated that the global industry for online gambling would be worth more than $94 billion. With the use of AI-powered analytics, gaming companies can forecast customer lifetime value (CLV) with more accuracy and target high-spending customers with offers and incentives.
  • Data analytics to remain competitive: Sports data analytics have already been developed. For their recruiting and team-building efforts, many European football teams have joined with organisations that specialise in sports analytics, like Comparisonator. Basketball is another application of data analytics enabled by AI. The NBA league has just undergone a significant change. The game changed from long-range poor 2-point attempts to 3-point shots with about 35% effectiveness after the productive years of the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty between 2015 and 2019 and the fascination with data analytics of former Houston Rockets GM Darryl Morey.

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