How AI can Help in Journalism

Robot journalists (also known as automated or algorithmic journalists): There are many instances of robot journalism. Examples include Bloomberg’s Cyborg, The Washington Post’s Heliograf, and Forbes’ Bertie content management system. These robotic reporters can

  • Create football game plots based on a few criteria and the information gathered from the study. For the 2016 Olympics, Toutiao (a Chinese news aggregation site) developed the AI writing robot Xiaomingbot. Its most read article had almost 50,000 views. Quartz’s translation into English: Briefing: Wang Yihan of China won. The match lasts 46 minutes and has a No. 2 global ranking. Wang competed against Karin Schnaase, a top-ranked player. Women’s singles badminton at the Olympics was finally won by Wang in two games. The match took place on August 15 at 2:30 a.m. Beijing time at Riocentro — Pavilion 4.
  • Extract information from a financial report and then composes a quick news article using all of the facts and figures.
  • Automation of repeated chores: Emailing, receiving materials, and uploading stories are just a few examples of easy tasks that automation technology may automate.
  • Advertising that is specifically targeted: AI systems can assist advertisers in reaching their target audiences on news platforms with hyper-targeted adverts. This aids news platforms in increasing the revenue they generate from their site traffic.
  • Interactive tailored content: To improve user engagement, businesses like Opinary conduct data-driven polls.

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