Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for OBS Studio

List of Keyboard Shortcut Guide for OBS Studio


  • Copy Source: Ctrl+C
  • Paste Source: Ctrl+V
  • Remove Source: Del



  • Move source up in sources list: Ctrl+Up
  • Move source down in sources list: Ctrl+Down
  • Move source to the top of the sources list: Ctrl+Home
  • Move source to the bottom of the sources list: Ctrl+End



  • Edit transform: Ctrl+E
  • Reset transform: Ctrl+R
  • Fit to screen: Ctrl+F
  • Stretch to screen: Ctrl+S
  • Center to screen: Ctrl+D


Preview Window Shortcuts

Only active when a bounding box is selected in the preview window

  • Nudge source up: Up arrow
  • Nudge source down: Down arrow
  • Nudge source left: Left arrow
  • Nudge source right: Right arrow
  • Crop a source: Hold alt and drag the bounding box (edges should turn green)
  • Stretch a source: Hold shift and drag the bounding box
  • Temporarily disable source snapping (if enabled): Hold ctrl while moving/adjusting the bounding box


Only active when the Preview is set to Fixed Scaling (canvas or output)

  • Move preview: Hold space and drag it with your mouse
  • Zoom preview: Hold space + mouse scroll wheel

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