How AI Helps You in Personal Productivity

Are you still finishing your work using traditional approaches, such as filtering your emails or eradicating plagiarism? Artificial intelligence (AI) has already crept in to make your daily tasks easier so that you can be more productive.



The NYT widely highlighted Google Translate as one of the pioneers of the AI awakening.

All you have to do is launch Skype and dial a language-speaking acquaintance. The real-time audio-to-audio translation is available through Skype, which is not surprising given that Microsoft, as described here, was able to produce audio transcription results on par with those of expert transcriptionists.


Grammar Validators

Grammarly and Google Docs both examine documents for flaws and recommend corrections using natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) technology. While Google Docs has Natural Language API built in to allow for integration, Grammarly can also perform sentiment analysis to determine the tone of your writing. This allows you to understand the emotions expressed in a particular passage of text.

Spam Filters

Machine learning techniques are used by Gmail’s Postmaster Tool to identify spam emails. The technology tracks user clicks on the “Report spam” and “Not spam” buttons in the past and detects spam emails.


Other productivity tools

  • Crystalknows analyses your emails and works with you to modify your email style for improved recipient communication.
  • A smart to-do list called Gluru learns from your actions and hears your emails.
  • For your uploaded photographs, from Microsoft creates captions.
  • Magisto is a powerful AI-powered video editor that aids in the production of promotional and product videos. The video is analysed by an artificial intelligence-powered tool to learn where and why visitors stop watching your videos.
  • Lisa is a machine learning-powered Instagram engagement prediction. With the correct images, it enables marketers to engage their audience and cut down on the price of A/B testing.
  • RunwayML is an automated storytelling tool that creates fake pictures as you type new words and sentences.
  • Users of the AI-powered English pronunciation software ELSA Speak have brief conversations in English. Your pronunciation is recognised by voice recognition technology, which also provides immediate feedback. 

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