How AI Helps You in Music

If you want to be the next Bob Dylan or you want to be a member of BTS but are having trouble choosing the appropriate musical route, here is AI to help you out. Think of it as a Guru for the impatient.

Recommendations for music: Companies that stream music, like Apple Music and Spotify, employ machine learning algorithms to segment their user bases and deliver more appropriate songs or playlists. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Songza introduced the first music suggestion services. These enormous streaming platforms make use of machine learning methods like

  • Collaborative filtering for segmenting customers and songs
  • For the purpose of improving segmentation, natural language processing (NLP) is used to scrape information about songs and artists from the web.
  • Instead of relying just on the historical streaming data provided by users, Convolutional Neural Networks are used to ensure that their AI system is trained with various parameters.

AI helps or makes music by helping musicians: Currently, these tools are utilised more for amusement than by musicians themselves, although their capabilities are expanding.

AI for songwriting: Soundraw is an AI-powered songwriting tool that allows users to construct their own songs by fusing AI-generated phrases.

AI for Lyrics: These Lyrics Do Not Exist is a website that uses artificial intelligence to produce lyrics based on the topic, genre, and mood of the song you provide.

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