Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Trello - Windows & Mac

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Trello


Windows macOS Function
Left Arrow Left Arrow Go to the left card
Right Arrow Right Arrow Go to the right card
Down Arrow, J Down Arrow, J Go one card up
Up Arrow, K Up Arrow, K Go one card down
B B View the board’s menu
/ (forward slash) / (forward slash) Access the search box
C C Archive a card
D D Access the due date picker
– (minus) – (minus) Add a checklist to the card
E E Open the quick edit mode
Esc Esc Cancel editing
Ctrl + Enter Command + Enter Save text
Enter Enter Open the current card
F F Access card filter options
L L View card labels
When in labels mode
1 1 Add a green label
2 2 Add a yellow label
3 3 Add an orange label
4 4 Add a red label
5 5 Add a purple label
6 6 Add a blue label
7 7 Add a sky label
8 8 Add a lime label
9 9 Add a pink label
0 0 Add a black label
; (semicolon) ; (semicolon) Hide/unhide label names on a card
M M Add/remove members from a card
N N Add a new card
, (comma) , (comma) Move a card to the bottom adjacent left list
. (dot) . (dot) Move a card to the bottom adjacent right list
< < Move a card to the top adjacent left list
> > Move a card to the top adjacent right list
Q Q View all your cards
S S Watch/unwatch a card
Space Space Assign/unassign a card to yourself
T T Edit the card title
V V Add/remove your vote from a card
W W Open/hide the board menu
X X Remove all card filters
? ? Open the shortcuts panel
@ @ Mention a member
# # Mention a label
^ ^ Autocomplete position
Ctrl + C Command + C Copy a card
Ctrl + V Command + V Paste a card
Ctrl + X Command + X Cut a card
Ctrl + V Command + V Paste a card
Z Z Undo the last action
Shift + Z Shift + Z Redo the last action
R R Repeat the last action

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