Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Spotify - Windows & Mac

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Spotify


Function Windows Mac
New playlist Ctrl-N Cmd-N
Cut Ctrl-X Cmd-X
Copy Ctrl-C Cmd-C
Copy (alternative link) Ctrl-Alt-C Cmd-Alt-C
Paste Ctrl-V Cmd-V
Delete Del Del, Backspace
Select all Ctrl-A Cmd-A
Play/pause Space Space
Repeat Ctrl-R Cmd-R
Shuffle Ctrl-S Cmd-S
Next track Ctrl-Right Ctrl-Cmd-Right
Previous track Ctrl-Left Ctrl-Cmd-Left
Volume up Ctrl-Up Cmd-Up
Volume down Ctrl-Down Cmd-Down
Mute Ctrl-Shift-Down Cmd-Shift-Down
Max volume Ctrl-Shift-Up Cmd-Shift-Up
Show help F1 Cmd-Shift-?
Filter Ctrl-F Cmd-F
Give focus to the search field Ctrl-L Cmd-Alt-F, Cmd-L
Go back Alt-Left Cmd-Alt-Left
Go forward Alt-Right Cmd-Alt-Right
Play selected row Enter Enter
Preferences Ctrl-P Cmd-,
Log out Ctrl-Shift-W Cmd-Shift-W
Quit Alt-F4 Cmd-Q
Hide window Cmd-H
Hide other applications’ windows Cmd-Alt-H
Close window Cmd-W
Minimize window Cmd-M
Restore from minimized Cmd-Alt-1
Undo deleted song or playlist Ctrl-Shift-Z Ctrl-Z

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