Know How to Track your E-mails sent via Gmail for FREE Email Tracker is a free and well-designed Gmail extension that shows you which emails have been seen by your recipients or prospects, as well as the number of openings and link clicks, right in your Gmail or Gsuite interface.

In the footer of the email, there will be no logos or signatures. It will also not ask you to upgrade because it is completely free. This is the greatest Email Tracker “Mailtrack” alternative (which is a very popular email tracker available out there). You only need to install the extension from the Google Chrome Web Store to get started.

Know How to Track your E-mails sent via Gmail for FREE

You will see:  - a white label Unopened if an email has not yet been opened; - a purple label Opened with the number of times the recipient opened the email; - a green label Clicks with the number of times the recipient followed a link in the email.

You can also schedule your emails, and Snovio will handle the rest. Set reminders for emails that have been opened, interacted with, or ignored, so you can stay in touch with your client. With Email Tracker, you’ll get real-time desktop push notifications whenever your email message is read or a link is clicked. Check out this page for more information.

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