List of All Shortcuts You Can Use to Access your Favourite Websites

Google introduced a new way to access your favorite websites easily by just adding a .new domain in 2018 which is unknown to many people. The company expanded the domain’s availability to more websites earlier this week. The full list is given below:


To Create a New Google Slide:

To Create a New Google Document:

To Create New Document in Coda:

To Create a New Note:

To Create a New Google Sheet :

To Create a New Google Site:

To Create a New Event in Google Calendar:

To Create a New Google Form:

To Create a New Playlist or Podcast on Spotify:

To Create a New Blog Post on Medium:

To Start Designing in Canva:

To Create a New Shortlink:

To Create a New Repository and Gist on Github:

To Start Selling and Shopping on eBay:

To Start a Personal Meeting on Cisco Webex:

To Create New Reservation on OpenTable:

To Create a New Invoice or Subscription on Stripe:

To Start Runkit:

To Create a Personalized Album Artwork in OVO Sound:

Registration is open now to all from 21st July 2020.

Register your .new domain here –



Introducing a ✨ .new ✨ time-saving trick for users. Type any of these .new domains to instantly create Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites or Forms ↓

— Google Docs (@googledocs) October 25, 2018

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